Oh noo – the pollen season has started!

2013, May, 06 | KUMI - Atopic Dermatitis & more | 0 comments

Pollen Allergy

The pollen season has started here in the west coast of Sweden and that is no good for a dog with pollen allergy. When we checked Kumi’s allergy when she was about one year old she shown allergy towards pollen, mostly birch (Betula l.) and alder trees (Alnus Mill).

Depending on weather, those trees pollinate during spring or early summer where we live. And on top of that there are also a growth of mites when the temperature increase. That is why this time of year Kumi has problems with her allergy – and so is the case now.

Licking and biting her paws

She is now licking and biting her paws in the area in the middel of the pads. Those areas have another colour than normal skin, more pink to red and some paws has some minor wounds. The minor wounds seems to occur before she starts to lick and bite, or maybe I am to slow to notice when she starts doing that.

She is also licking and biting her legs and groins but the skin there seems to be ok when looking. I found a new place infected for this allergy period and it is located some centimeters above the tail, like red dots probebly due to her biting.


I treat her with Cortavance solution on the infected areas and have to check her almost all the time so she does not bite bigger wounds.

I try to keep her outside as much as possible, but I am not sure if that is the right thing to do…



Lina Johansson

Lina Johansson

My name is Lina Johansson and I live in Sweden. I have had Akitas since the year 2006. At the moment I own three Akitas - Ninjo, Kumi and Naomi. I am very found of Akitas and I really want them to be a healthy and great family member. Why not also in the future a dog that you can use for tracking, hunting, guarding or any other useful work! That will make them even more valuable for us! Let us work together! Kind regards Lina

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