Kumi has currently very dry skin

2013, Mar, 26 | KUMI - Atopic Dermatitis & more | 4 comments

Kumi has very dry skin and almost no undercoat

However, she still has some undercoat around the neck left.

  • She is itching her body a lot and biting her legs about a hundred times a day.
  • Her ears are very dry and dirty.
  • She has got one claw that is a bit brown in color but despite of that she has no more problems with her paws at the moment.

I do help her by putting some olive oil on her coat and skin and also much oil in the food. Today she got a really good cleaning of the ears basicly with baby oil but also with a mild ear cleaner for dogs.

I will countinue to follow her development and keep you posted.


Lina Johansson

Lina Johansson

My name is Lina Johansson and I live in Sweden. I have had Akitas since the year 2006. At the moment I own three Akitas - Ninjo, Kumi and Naomi. I am very found of Akitas and I really want them to be a healthy and great family member. Why not also in the future a dog that you can use for tracking, hunting, guarding or any other useful work! That will make them even more valuable for us! Let us work together! Kind regards Lina

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  1. Anna Soininen

    My vet once said to me that dogs can’t digest vegetable oils, so there is hardly no use to give them these. I don’t know if this is true, but at least in SA brochures what are suggested are omega3 and 6 fatty acids. In SA treatments there is suggested primrose oil and that is as far as I know vegetable oil, so I don’t know for sure about this… So I’ll leave you this mixed up comment :).

  2. Lina Johansson

    Maybe that is true! But when my Akitas eat fresh food they’ll get very dry poop if they do not get oil in the food. Hm.. why not try “animal” butter…
    I have heard from a vet that extra oil in the food are no problem and that could be with your theory because “it runs straight through” 🙂

  3. Lina Johansson

    I forgot! Sometimes I do give them fish oil 🙂 They seems to like it and doing well with that, but I do not see any differences between sunflower-, olive- rapeseed oil compared with fish oil…


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