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Below are some links to more reading. No matter if you have a sick Akita or note you will find a lot of interesting reading. 



Dry food or raw? Diet affects skin gene expression in both healthy and atopic dogs

[…] Raw food appeared to activate the skin’s immune system as well as the expression of genes that increase antioxidant production or have anti-inflammatory effects.

“Looking into Sebaceous Adenitis”

The article covers a very interesting SA discussion between Dr. Pedersen and Peter van der Lugt about SA. Read about the misconception about how SA is inhereted, external factors, breeding – and other important topics related to SA.

WUAC SA-project -SA-research in German

This is the link to WUAC/World Union of Akita Clubs, where you can find the project under the menu: “project”.

Akita Tabou – info on SA and VKH – SA-research in Switzerland
Read the article at Akita sans tabou on the research at the Dr Leeb Laboratory.

Institute of genetics, Bern – SA-project, SA-research in Switzerland

Use this link to get directly to information about the research on SA (Hovawart to start with) at the Dr Leeb Laboratory.

 French Research Center –  Study on SA and VKH The study is on Japanese and American Akita (for now only in French)

 Sebaceous Adenitis in dogs

Here you will find a Compendium ( by Andrew Simpson DVM & Lindsay Mc Kay DVM, DACVD


Feeding your dog


The owners of the dogs presented at “Akita Unleashed” have decided to use different diets based on the needs of each individual dog. Therefore the diets are not only based on the dog’s diagnosis but also on the believes of the owner.

AE-oil by Anne-Marie Hammarlund

Here is a link to Swedish product AE-oil with Omega 3 and Omega 6. Be aware of that overdose of vitamine A will give the same symptoms as the lack of vitamine A.

Home made cooking for dogs

Read the article on atopic dermatitis and dog-food by the Swedish Kennel Club

Article on nutrition and dogs

Download a very interesting article by Helena Björk about Anne-Marie Hammarlund (in Swedish)


Akitas' homepages


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Saija’s Tensai Akitas This is Saija’s site where she bloggs about research and her everyday life with her Akitas.

Blog about Nimbus This is Sandra’s blog about her everyday life with the American Akita Nimbus.


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