Why Akita Unleashed?

We are a group of people who have various amount of experience of Akitas. As we believe that transparency and openness a necessity for future survival of the Akita – we wanted to create a platform for this.

Therefore Akita Unleashed (AU) was released in November 2012. AU is a non-profit site not belonging to any club or organization.

The reason for writing the “Akita” is that we want to include all kinds of Akitas. This is something we all agreed upon at a very early stage.

Different perspectives is a good thing!

However, we do not always agree with each other’s opinions and ways of dealing with matters. But we do not believe that is a bad thing! On the contrary! That creates a basis for reflection, questioning, new learning and interesting discussions. Therefore we welcome stories about different thoughts and approaches.

So let us now challenge you, in order for you to:

  • take part of different perspectives
  • critically evaluate the information
  • come to conclusions of your own

The first topic we want to highlight is health-issues

Hopefully we can help somebody “out there” who need information. Maybe you are looking for early signs of a disease or maybe you are looking for different treatments. If we can help one “just” one Akita via Akita Unleashed – that is great!

Who is responsible for the information in the blogs?

Each and every author is responsible for the information and opinions published in their name.


Sweden 2013  6th of January

Charlotte Steneloo, Lina Johansson, Marita Johnsson, Mikael Edlund, Elin Larsson & Lotte Lekholm

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