Dog blog navigation

Here you will find some tips and tricks on how to navigate between the posts in a dog’s blog.

Previewing Dog-blog posts

Hover over the blog/”mouse over”. IF the blog contains of more than one blog post – arrows will show. By default the latest blog post is viewed.

Left arrow takes you to the first post published, and then forward in time. Right arrow takes you to second latest post, and then backwards in time.

Navigation tips

Reading a blog post

When you have found a blog post you want to read you have two options.

  • Click on the button “read more”
  • Click on the post-header

In a blog post there are options on top and bottom for next/previous blog post. 

Previewing all of a dog’s blog posts

You have two options

  • Click on the dog’s category in the meta description
  • Click on the dog’s name in the header

Now you will see all that dog’s blog posts.

Navigating to “home/start”

Click on the Akita Unleashed logo in the menu bar.

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