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There came a day when all coat was destroyed. Under a very harsh period she was basically a naked dog. It was as if someone had dried plucked her and only left a couple of totts here and there.I looked up one of Swedens most famous skin specialists; Helene Raue. She confirmed the diagnoses of allergy and hyperthyroids and with new biopsies she could also confirm what already was very obvious; Ida had indeed SA.
idas fördärvade hudSA at it worst in an Akita

Hypothyroidism and allergy

The thyroid was continuosly treated with Levaxin. A hypersensibilation of allergy failed. The SA we tried to treat with A-vitamins, later cyclosporin, antibiotics and bathing in a wide range of medical stuff. All had a temporary progress which ceased as quickly. Worst of all was the persistent re-appearing staphylococcus-infections.

 Mikael Rampak’s oiltreatment

Then we tried out Mikael Rampak’s oiltreatment, but she frose so horribly of all the baths, despite an amount of towels, a powerful hairdryer and bed covers of down.

idas saoljebadSA and thyroidism makes freezing dog

The veterinaries at Bruksgården aided me in sending biopsies and bloodsamples to Dr Ina Pfeiffer’s research project.

The coat that grew out was a bit oilier overall, still with wool but only a single layer of it, and you could see it was obvious something had happened. She was not well.

July 2002

She began to steadily loose all overcoat in the warmer places of her body; first the inside of her legs and belly, then shoulders and leg and eventually more and more all over her body. This time the re-growth of hairs defaulted and instead she got small scurfy sores. They pretty soon got infected. She was loosing weight and muscles systematically.

Lotte Lekholm

Lotte Lekholm

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