Allergy, hyperthyroid – but not SA?

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March 2002

At the Malmö Dog show in early spring Ida felt off. She didn’t have that bit of extra to offer. I got a spiceless, thick, warm feeling around her. She was unwell. But there was nothing to go on, no signs other than this; me getting a feeling.

June 2002

She started to shed but the shedding was strange. It started on the tips of her ears but there was no itching like with scabies. Then the coat on her forehead got oilier. She started to shed both overcoat and wool.

The coat that grew out was a bit oilier overall, still with wool but only a single layer of it, and you could see it was obvious something had happened. She was not well.

July 2002

She began to steadily loose all overcoat in the warmer places of her body; first the inside of her legs and belly, then shoulders and leg and eventually more and more all over her body. This time the re-growth of hairs defaulted and instead she got small scurfy sores. They pretty soon got infected. She was loosing weight and muscles systematically.

Lotte Lekholm

Lotte Lekholm

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