Winter – a challenge

2014, Dec, 28 | MANUEL - SA & more | 0 comments

Manuel has a very thick coat – belly down

From his neck to tail the SA has resulted in  many spots without any under-coat.

How to protect parts of him

When he is active, 90% of his body is no problem. He is by default very warm. When he was full coated he never wanted to spend time in all the dog beds we bought. They were too warm. We never used any dog clother and never protected his paws – no need.

However, today he does have some bold spots that also are dry . That makes me woried about frost damage.

Friends of mine are skilled in spinning yarn from akita-wool and I will probably let them help me with spinning yarn so I can knit a “back-cover”. I have collected wool through out the years and have several paper sacks filled with white, beige and peach coloured wool.

To keep the bold spots protected, but the rest of Manuel not too hot

  • When active, I use thick hand-lotion on the spots only
  • When laying still for a while (e.g. when beach pic-nic) he wears his “doggy jacket”

Of course he should experience a lot of fun

Therefore it is up to us to find a solution so that he can join as much as possible.

Charlotte Steneloo

Charlotte Steneloo

Akita owner from Sweden working for openness regarding health issues. One of the founders of Akita-Unleashed. I consider "experience" to be good, that is - if you have opened your mind for change and actually have learnt something, otherwise claiming you are "experienced" means nothing to me... I dare you.

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