Atopic Dermatitis (allergy) – Dry food or raw?

2021, Jan, 11 | -Research | 0 comments

I found a very interesting study the other day that I want to share with you. Even if it is a small study I believe it is very relevant – as also discussed in relation to humans.

What does (lack of) microbes in our diets do to the immune defence?

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Article name: Dry food or raw? Diet affects skin gene expression in both healthy and atopic dogs

Researcher: Johanna Anturaniemi from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki.

Summary: Differences in skin gene expression were observed between healthy and atopic Staffordshire Bull Terriers as well as between dogs that ate either dry food or raw food. Raw food appeared to activate the skin’s immune system as well as the expression of genes that increase antioxidant production or have anti-inflammatory effects.

Charlotte Steneloo

Charlotte Steneloo

Akita owner from Sweden working for openness regarding health issues. One of the founders of Akita-Unleashed. I consider "experience" to be good, that is - if you have opened your mind for change and actually have learnt something, otherwise claiming you are "experienced" means nothing to me... I dare you.

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