PAD-result – Benign tumour!!!

2016, May, 12 | MANUEL - SA & more | 0 comments

Finally some good news!

The PAD result showed that the spleen tumour was benign!!!

Manuel will stay with us for years to come!!!

Uncommon tumour – on dogs, but not on humans

As it seems (which even more confirms my conclusions on the connection to Atopica) – the tumour Manuel had was a tumour non of the vets. at this animal hospital ever seen on an animal before. However, when invstigating it they found out it was more common on humans…

The term PAD stands for pathological-anatomical diagnosis and refers to microscopic examination and diagnosis of a tissue sample (eg a removed birthmark or a tissue sample from a colonoscopy, major operation or autopsy) to determine if the sample is normal or abnormal (pathological).

This content is written post mortem but the date is set as correct in to relation when it really happened. I think it is very important to share this experience and knowledge but I have not had the energy to do so, until now (2021).

Charlotte Steneloo

Charlotte Steneloo

Akita owner from Sweden working for openness regarding health issues. One of the founders of Akita-Unleashed. I consider "experience" to be good, that is - if you have opened your mind for change and actually have learnt something, otherwise claiming you are "experienced" means nothing to me... I dare you.

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