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Visiting the Dermatologist

The Dermatologist took one look and her and said I had nailed it.

On the head, she had SA. He then did a biopsy on the head and back, it took a week to come back, but it was confirmed she had SA.

Email- from the vet. 

Email from Vet 9/23/15

Diagnosis: Sebaceous adenitis (chronic)
Superficial bacterial: pyoderma and folliculitis
Physical Findings: Hypotrichosis and change of pelage quality generalized with follicular casting noted, duration at least one year. Primary guard hairs remain. Mild pruritus at sites of furunculosis.
Test: Biopsy 1 site dorsal head and one site dorsal trunk confirms sebaceous Adenitis as all sebaceous glands are completely absent from all sampled biopsy sites.


1. Sebaceous adenititis is a condition which is believed to be heritable in Akitas and is most Reasonably an autosomal recessive condition of variable penetrance. This is not contagious to other pets or human beings.
2. Suture is absorbable, no need for removal.
3. Massage warm mineral oil onto the entire body once weekly. Allow this oil to remain on the skin for
a few minutes.
4. After the oil has remained in contact with the skin for a few minutes, bathe with Dawn dish detergent
until the haircoat is minimally oily, then rinse thoroughly. Try to be as gentle as possible when
massaging haircoat. Towel drying is not recommended, but blotting dry with a towel is perfectly fine.
5. Our goal is to rehydrate the skin, then use the oil to create a vapor barrier to replace skin lipids and
decrease the amount of transepidermal water loss, thereby maintaining healthier skin & coat.
6. Use the oil treatments once weekly initially until improvement plateau is noted, then
decrease frequency to the least frequent application that will provide adequate cosmetic results.
These treatments will have to be continued for life.
7. Vitamin A (retinol). Give 10,000 U by mouth once daily with a meal.
8. Cephalexin (antibiotic). Give two 500mg capsules by mouth twice daily for 30 days.
9. All oil glands are completely destroyed. Given complete absence of these glands, we would not
expect oral anti-tissue rejection therapy to benefit Akaya’s condition.

Recheck: With dermatology in 2 months. Please call with infection (sore) update in 1 month
Per Teresa phone conversation on 9/23/15 Vets assistant
Medication has been called into my CVS for Akaya – . Cephalexin (antibiotic). Give two 500mg capsules by mouth twice daily for 30 days.

Use Nexguard – monthly flea and tick oral medication only
Rabies & Parvo – OK to give yearly vaccines try to get the 3 year rabies vaccine
Heart worm medications give a monthly oral medication – DO NOT USE INJECTION
Follow up appointment for Nov 18th 2015.

So my fears were correct

Nowm I know what my baby has I am going to be diligent in her care and she will get better. I am holding on to the success stories I have read and believe she can live a healthy and wonderful life.

She has seemed to be slightly depressed I do not believe she is pain she does not scratch or itch, she has got to feel like dodo, I only say this because when I have a medical problem I feel that way. She must feel that way. She never lost her appetite, she lost about 15lbs, I believe it was the steroids as she was on such a high dose. I have got her weight back up to 115lbs.

Akita friend Biggan is very gentle

I am very careful to let her play with my male Akita Biggan as they like to stand on their back legs and play fight, I have been afraid that her would open up the sores. He knows she is not well and he has become very gentle with her. He is very caring and loving to her.


Per Dermatologist, the middle picture shows the hair follicle to the right side of it is the oils glands that have been destroyed.

Tracey Viney

Tracey Viney

A devoted animal advocate and Vegan volunteering at a Dog Rescue. I’m married, also living with Akita Biggan (male) Akita Akaya (girl), parrot Sunny. I’m originally from England but have lived in America for over 34 years. I was heartbroken when Akaya was diagnosed with SA.I thought I was going to lose her until I came across the Akita Unleashed website, and the stories gave me so much hope I just jumped right on it did not waist a day. I got everything that the owners suggested and got to work because, I was told by many that there was no cure the best and most humane thing would be to put her out of her misery. But she's my baby. No that's not in her or my plan for life. I was going to make my baby better just as the stories showed me. This is a life commitment to her from me that she will have a happy healthy life until she becomes an old lady with me. I know there is a possibility of breakouts but I truly believe if I continue to bath her and give her medications, the possibilities are far less. You have to stay on it forever. Never slake... this is part of our life now.

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