Akita Genetic Diversity test – phase 2

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Big thanks to all who took part on this first phase!

Second phase started; Akita diversity test

People are now ordering their sample kits and we can wait for the results.

Dr Pedersen told us that first results for the breed (no individual results as those are private) will be published in VGL webpage soon as we get 50 dogs tested  🙂

What has happened?

Almost hundred Akitas will take part now and VGL have tested already over 80 older samples collected from AKC dog shows.

What is next? Do you want to contribute?

Now the next mission is to collect more samples from dogs with AI diseases, especially SA and VKH.

Please contact Saija Tenhunen on Facebook or by email  if you want to take part!

  • No blood samples are needed.
  • The test is done with swap samples from your dogs mouth. You can take the sample yourself easily and you don’t need to visit the vet.

Why more samples?

Reason we want more samples from SA and VKH dogs is that in the Poodle test they noticed that SA and Addison disease were centered in the more inbred main population (about 70% of the Poodle population). With this test the poodle breeders are now trying to widen the genepool of that mainpopulation and hopefully this will lessen the amount of AI diseases in the breed.

We all want that to happen to Akitas too! So please take part! This test is done fast and Dr P always gives results to people who take part. And it doesn’t cost anything else than normal letter postage to USA.
Please take part and help all Akitas.

Saija Tenhunen

Saija Tenhunen

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