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The treatment plan I have chosen

This was a treatment plan that I had found and decided to go with as there were many Akita owners that had referenced this treatment @ and the Akita Club.

Report about the successful treatment Sebaceous Adenitis through self-invented therapy
By Michael Rampak, Rheingaustr. 42, D-65375 Oestrich-Winckel, Germany
© 2000 M.Rampak

Rampak Oil Treatment

The baths must be continued for the rest of the dog’s life. Naturally, since this is just treating the symptoms so if you stop, the symptoms will return. This is not a cure and should not be confused as one.

Begin with the baths every two weeks. Do three baths at this interval, then switch to every three weeks. Stay at the three week interval for four baths, then switch to every four weeks which should be the program for life. Michael tried a five week interval but he noticed the coat getting brittle again and the odor returned so every four weeks was as long as he would go.

You must totally soak the dog – every inch except for his eyes/muzzle and the inside of his ears use pure mineral oil.

After two hours, use a mild shampoo and bathe the dog lightly, rinse, then bathe again. I generally just wash the “coat” not the skin Make sure it is as fragrance and chemical free.

Then let the dog dry. The coat will be a little oily for a few days – I use a towel or paper towel to pat him dry. I also have special sheets that I put over his bed for those first few days and I wash them a lot.

Here is a photo taken of Taka during his last oil. This was about 30 minutes after the treatment – you can see even with his thick coat that some of the oil had started to soak in: skin needs time to heal and adjust so to bathe every 10-14 days. By the 8th or 9th day you will see large flakes of dandruff in coat – dead skin sloughing off. – it’s so incredible. You can see a close up here.


Diet and Supplements

Moducare and Primal Defense  before each meal (see below)

Supplement With meal:
Fish Oil………………..2000MG (I get this at Sam’s store)
Omega 3-6-9………….2400MG (approx) (Vitamin Shoppe –
Flax Oil………………..1000MG (Vitamin Shoppe)

Vitamin A…………….25,000 IU (Vitamin Shoppe)
Vitamin E……………..240IU (Vitamin Shoppe)

With meal:
Fish Oil………………..2000MG
3-6-9…………….…….2400MG (approx)
Ester C………………..2000MG (for digestion – optional)

Moducare and Primal Defense -These are natural supplements to aid in the immune system and to detox the body. I started these on the advice of Susie Keener, who treated her dog Lucky with these products.

Tracey Viney

Tracey Viney

A devoted animal advocate and Vegan volunteering at a Dog Rescue. I’m married, also living with Akita Biggan (male) Akita Akaya (girl), parrot Sunny. I’m originally from England but have lived in America for over 34 years. I was heartbroken when Akaya was diagnosed with SA.I thought I was going to lose her until I came across the Akita Unleashed website, and the stories gave me so much hope I just jumped right on it did not waist a day. I got everything that the owners suggested and got to work because, I was told by many that there was no cure the best and most humane thing would be to put her out of her misery. But she's my baby. No that's not in her or my plan for life. I was going to make my baby better just as the stories showed me. This is a life commitment to her from me that she will have a happy healthy life until she becomes an old lady with me. I know there is a possibility of breakouts but I truly believe if I continue to bath her and give her medications, the possibilities are far less. You have to stay on it forever. Never slake... this is part of our life now.

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