Akita Genetic Diversity test!

2015, May, 19 | -Research | 0 comments

Diversity test for Akitas

UC Davis and Dr. Niels C. Pedersen and staff have now started the research phase with Akitas to develop a canine genetic diversity test for the breed. This test is already available for Italian Greyhounds and Standard Poodles. The test will include a panel of simple tandem repeat (STR) markers that will tell us the genetic diversity across the genome. The test will also show what different haplotypes Akitas have in the DLA (Dog Leukocyte Antigen) class I and class II regions.

Very useful to breeders

This test will be very useful to breeders who want to track and increase genetic diversity in Akitas. The biggest health issues in Akitas are autoimmune diseases, and the only way to fight against these issues is to increase genetic diversity in the breed and especially to add diversity in the DLA regions, which include several different genes responsible for the immune system.

The first phase of the test should be done in a month and we will inform you how the project continues!

For more information for the incoming test please use this link

And how enrolling a breed works please use this link




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