Contribute to research with blood-samples from dogs with VKH

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AU got an e-mail the other day with very interesting information. The following text is copied/pasted from the original e-mail

VKH-research needs blood samples

We are pleased to report that Vetogene – Veterinary Medicine Research Centre, University of Milan – starts the second phase of the studies on the VKH syndrome. It’s now necessary to send blood-samples of sick dogs.

TEMPORARILY ARE REQUIRED ONLY BLOOD-SAMPLES OF SICK DOGS The blood can be sent in “K3EDTA”, a type of test tube, used by all veterinaries for blood sampling. The blood sample must be sent with a COPY OF PEDIGREE.

In this phase of the research, will not be considered the responsible bloodline of VKH syndrome, but the blood-relationship between sick dogs, which allows researchers to analyze DNA similar and consequently detect the mutation of the gene.

If you are aware of foreign dogs, linked by kinship, please let us know and we will help you contact the owners. The privacy of any participant will be granted.

Thank you for your help.

attention of dr. Enrico Moretti

For sending the blood sample by COURIER: Dipartimento di Scienze Animali Sezione di Zootecnica Veterinaria Vetogene Lab. via Ponzio, 7 20133 Milano For sending the blood sample by POST: Dipartimento di Scienze Animali Sezione di Zootecnica Veterinaria Vetogene Lab. via Celoria, 10 20133 Milano



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