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Name on pedigree: Noven’s D’Akira

Registration number: S56351/2004

Date of birth: 2004-07-24

Date of death:  –

Japanese, America Akita or Blend (Any type of “Akita”): Japanese

Parents (full pedigree-name): Mother: Noven´s Penki; Father: P´Bumon D‘obakosow

Full pedigree: Swedish Kennel Club data-base Akita pedigree 

Off-spring: –

Issues/diagnosis and date/period – diagnosed:
Vaccinated for rabies 2005-09-27 and 2005-10-27.

2006-07-12. Seeking veterinary aid due to excessive tiredness among other symptoms. Anaplasma confirmed. Was given Rimadyl for possible pain.

2006-11-29. Again confirmation of Anaplasma (> 1:640).

2006-12-15. Neutered.

Spring /Winter 2006/2007. Daki is given Rimadyl for pain believed to be caused by the anaplasma that can give rheumatic secondary symptoms.

2008-05-22. Daki again shows symptoms of fatigue (trombocyts 76, re-newed test result 2008-06-12 shows 66).

Summer 2009. Re-visiting veterinary due to fatigue. Anaplasma again confirmed as well as a drastic rise of body tension. Daki is from then on given massage every 6th week and has had no need for analgesics since.

Winter 2012. Daki shows signs of skin disorder in forehead and on tail, similar of SA. It gets worse and spread during periods of shedding.

Spring/Summer 2013. Daki shows considerable anxiety for no apparent reason. Test results show Lyme borreliosis. After treatment with Ronnaxan her anxiousness disappears.
 (HD)AD/ED: result and age –

Eyes: result and year: –

Blood sample sent for research (SA): NO



Last updated: 2015 16t of January

Original text: English

Responsible for this information is: Elin Larsson




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