Poor Kumi!!!

2014, Nov, 23 | KUMI - Atopic Dermatitis & more | 1 comment

Kumi has big problems with two of her paws

One paw in front has a wound over the claw. She licks a lot so the white fur becomes discolored. Under the paw between the pads it is quite swollen and she’s had difficulties to touch down the paw to the ground.

Unfortunately another paw in back also was affected.

This means that the two pads that a dog touches the most to the ground when walking are stripped and she is also swollen under the paw between the pads.

This has not happened when running around, I can assure you. This just pops up from nowhere. Kind of scary!

Otherwise she has the greatest fur ever and no other problems with the skin at the moment.

The autumn has been very mild and long. I think, that is the problem why Kumi are having a hard time now with her allergy. The mites are at a peak in spring and autumn when the temperature’s changing. This winter we have a long time peak…

We treat Kumi with Cortavance spray and much rest.

Lina Johansson

Lina Johansson

My name is Lina Johansson and I live in Sweden. I have had Akitas since the year 2006. At the moment I own three Akitas - Ninjo, Kumi and Naomi. I am very found of Akitas and I really want them to be a healthy and great family member. Why not also in the future a dog that you can use for tracking, hunting, guarding or any other useful work! That will make them even more valuable for us! Let us work together! Kind regards Lina

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  1. Miss Sunshine

    Does she have shoes? My akita is also living with Atopic Dermaditis and her paws look like that (not as bad though) at the autumn and spring when the ground is both wet and cold. But I have solved the problem quite easily: I have bought her shoes which keep moist out and also protect her paws. These are the shoes we use: http://www.ruffwear.com/Products/dog_boots.


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