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There has been quite a while since I wrote here

A lot has happened since in our lives: Hilma had a new baby brother Rasmus in March! Here are some pictures of these two then:


Rasmus is a really nice boy with a stable and easy temperament. And that was what I was looking for, because Hilma is (as I see it) typical american akita bitch, who likes to be the boss. Rasmus has not questioned Hilma’s position so far, but he is still annoying puppy and Hilma likes to have her own space… I think that it will still take a time for Rasmus to grow up so they can be best friend with Hilma.



Hilma’s condition in March

Hilma’ s condition was fairly good in March. Then maybe due to stress or because of natural changing of the fur this was Hilma’s condition in May after washing and oiling her (picture quality is poor, sorry about it):

 Hilma’s condition at this point

As you can see the complete hair loss is now on her legs. Neck area is growing new hair and in my opinion it is looking good (there is some oil on the back of her head). Hopefully legs are also in the same condition after few months. Her hair is now really brittle and dry. Luckily she does not smell anymore like SA-dog, as she did in May. So maybe the worst inflammation has gotten past…



After May I have added to her medication 20 mg of Isotretinoin. She still haves 100 mg of Atopica and 10 ml Megaderm Oil. I have also added to her diet Cartivet, because her loose frists are causing pain (osteoarthritis) and she has been nibbling her wrists. I should increase again her washing and oiling routines, but I have been too lazy on doing that…

I wish you all very nice summer (we are having summer in Finland now)!


Anna Soininen

Anna Soininen

American akita owner from Finland struggling to get along with SA diseased dog.

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  1. Charlotte Steneloo

    She looks much better in the last pictures than those from spring!

    SA is terrible, but nowadays with medication, early findings and tips and tricks from others we owners at least (with a hell of a job and money) seem to keep it more or less under control.

    Sad is that we see more and more of osteoarthritis and bad joint-results – as if we did not have challenges enough within the breeds.

    I wish a better summer, autumn and winter for Hilma (you and sweet Rasmus)



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