Kari had a WONDERFUL life – living with Sebacous Adenitis (SA)

2014, May, 30 | KARI - SA, Hips & more | 0 comments

Gorgeous Kari got to live for 11 years  and 8 months

The 6th of May 2014 we let her go…

She has been living a rich life and the SA is actually what has had the least impact on her life. The osteoarthritis (hip) caused some limitations but otherwise she lived happily and well until the end. Her last days in life she became ill and the veterinarian suspected some kind of minor stroke or something similar. In short – we have lost a lovely dog – the empty space after her can never be replaced by anything/anybody.

Then it became all silent and sad – without any dog at all in the house so it did not take many days until a new tiny puppy tiptoed into our home. Not in any way a replacement to Kari – nobody can replace her! All of our dogs have been unique and nobody has ever been replaced by another.

SA? Do not give up!

By this I want to tell you all with SA-diseased dogs – do not give up! The dogs can live well and life just as rich as any healthy Akita. Just make sure you care for them in the best of ways and you will have a lovely dog. Many of you may think that they are not as “beautiful” on the outside as a healthy Akita, but they are more beautiful on the inside.

I personally think that these “wire-haired” Akitas look absolutely stunning! And they will for sure show  gorgeous personalities.




Marita Johnsson

Marita Johnsson

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