SA-attack close to the eye-lashes

2014, Apr, 06 | KARI - SA, Hips & more | 0 comments

Grease for Kari’s eyelid

A while ago Kari had an SA-attack close to her eye-lashes. I wanted grease but without antibiotics. The veterinairan had no idea of what kind of that grease would be OK to use that close to the eye (as it probably would get into the actual eye as well) but fortunatley the old pharmacy lady did (experience is really valuable).

Works great

After been aplying five times Kari was totally re-covered and now I just treat her now and then (aproximately once a month). This can be bought at the Swedish pharmacy. I did not apply in the actual eye, but gently applied it to her eye-lashes.

The pictures show the name and table of content (if you want to find something similar in your country).

Marita Johnsson

Marita Johnsson

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