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2013, Oct, 29 | CASPER - Thrombocytopenia & more | 0 comments

Everyday name of dog: Casper Name on pedigree: Milstolpen’s French Red Stonefly Registration number: S11729/2006 Date of birth: 2005-11-30 Date of death:  2009-03-16 Japanese, American or  Blend (Any type of “Akita”): Japanese Parents (full pedigree-name): father: Kintos Mikado Beni-Go mother: R’Keiko D L Vallee D Dragons Sacres Full pedigree: Swedish database ,  global database – akitapedigree.com Off-spring: – Issues/diagnosis and date/period – diagnosed: 
(HD)AD/ED: HD=A (2007-07-30)  (possible in Sweden are: A, B, C, D, E) Eyes: Eyes=CLEAR (2007-07-03) Blood sample sent for research (SA): –   NOTES: Probably auto-immune disease. Read Casper’s story. Use Google translate (bar or  copy/paste)  
Last updated: 2012 20th of December
Original text: English
Responsible for this information is: Måna Quist Ericsson


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