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Testing treatments

This summer we have tried various treatments on Kari

Coconut oil

We have tried coconut-oil instead of olive oil (applying on her skin). I have realized that coconut-oil (which has a very nice consistence to work with) will be used for the every-day maintenance of Kari’s coat and skin. When really really dry we will use the olive oil.


We have also come to the conclusion that shampoo isn’t totally all wrong, but we do not shampoo as often as the veterinary’s ordination (several times a week). We just use it when the skin has crusts och need to be removed.

Last time we did it, it actually turned out very well. Then – of course we use oil on her skin after the bath. We can not use a total oil bath (as other SA-Akitas respond well to) on Kari – as that leaves her with a very very itchy skin.

We just put the oil on our palms and rub it into the coat. This we do often but not too generously.  This way the hair “transports” the oil towards the skin – slowly.

 Currently her coat is growing after the summer shedding and it looks promising.

Her bad hip 

Her hip is also better. This is probably based on that she has been able to stroll along in the garden at her own pace – giving her the “physiotherapy” she  so, so needs. If all continues this way we will probably soon start training “tracking imaginary deer” (adjusted to Kari’s needs of course when it comes to type of terrain).

Kari - physiotherapy
Marita Johnsson

Marita Johnsson

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