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About the French study – in english

Kindly Guillaume Moerman has translated the French information to English. He also informed of that the staff of the National Research Center should be able to speak Enlglish and therefore would be able to answer questions from foreign people as well as provide collecting kit and clinical questionnaire in English. The only thing is that blood-samples must be sent quickly to them and the shipping has to be paid by the sender. /the AU-bunch 


Sebaceous Adenitis and Vogt Koyanagi Harada syndrome

French study about SA and VKH

We just started a study about the genetic causes of Sebaceous Adenitis and Vogt Koyanagi Harada (VKH/UDI) syndrome among Akita Inu (Japanese) and American Akita, with the collaboration of Dr Eric Guaguére.

We are now collecting blood samples from dogs affected by S.A or/and VKH, but also from healthy dogs, with a copy of their pedigree and, if possible, filled clinical questionnaires. We are providing collecting kits (worldwide) and prepaid envelopes (France only).

The target of this study is to compare both genomes (DNA) from affected dogs and healthy dogs. To do so, we need at least 50 affected dogs and 50 healthy dogs.

Of course, dogs with a pedigree are more interesting as they allow us to analyze the mode of transmission of both diseases among Akitas. However, all affected Akita should be collected.

These genetic tests and statistics are quite expensive and will be conducted over a long time. The National Research Center (CNRS) will take charge of the blood collection, but external funding (donation requests, if possible) will be necessary to follow our studies.

Eventually, we expect to develop a genetic screening test for veterinaries and breeders.

We want to thank everyone for their motivation, an important step in the progress of our project.

For more information, please contact us :
+33 (0)2 23 23 45 09



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  1. Charlotte Steneloo

    I have today sent an e-mail to the research centre asking for English version of the Questionnaire as well as information on how to send blood-samples.


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