Three weeks since medication started

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Current situation

There is nothing much to write, so I’ll just write in brief what is our current situation.

Medication started three weeks ago and Hilma has had no side-effects. At least I haven’t noticed anything. Hilma still smells like a SA diseased dog, but I think that less than a month ago. Or maybe I have gotten used to it, I don’t know… Skin is in good condition and it seems that I can reduce the washing and oiling occasions.

I’m waiting for three weeks to go, so I’ll be able to cut-down the dosage of isotretinoin to 20 mg/day and maybe a while after that to 20 mg/48 hours. I really don’t like that med at all, it has so many possible serious side-effects starting from damages on liver etc. Not nice. I’m hoping that I can cut-down both isotretinoin and cyclosporine to as low dosage as possible. With cyclosporine this also has huge affect on the amount it costs per month. Now it is about 300 euros in month. If cutted to half it is only 150 euros in month. Luckily I have insurance, but still it does not cover everything…

Here is a picture for you to represent the darkening of pigmentation on her face. This picture has been taken maybe a month or two ago:

And this one today. A really huge different in my opinion.

Here is picture of here condition in general:


Everything is basically fine except some weird rash above her muzzle. But it seems like no big deal, just some redness. And I can see some small new hair growth, maybe cyclospoprine is starting to work! That is a good sign.

I’m really happy now, Hilma’s situations seems to go to good direction.

Anna Soininen

Anna Soininen

American akita owner from Finland struggling to get along with SA diseased dog.

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