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Hilma’s history until today.

Hilma is american akita from Finland and she was born 13th of May 2009.


From the beginning she has had recurring inflammations; urethritis, intestines inflammations and dermatities. Still mainly her condition was good, we had antibiotics and she was cured.

On age of two she was diagnosed with stock and dust mite allergies with HESKA allergy test (blood sample). She has also food allergies (cattle, poultry, eggs and wheat for as far as I know). Hilma has been eating salmon/other fishes, potatoes and vegetables after these food allergies were diagnosed on elimination diet during winter 2011-2012. Her thyreoid has been tested twice now and it has always been fine. Also her blood counts have always been in normal range.

Before these diagnosed allergies in autumn 2011 Hilma had really greasy coat, some bold spots on her trunk and pyoderma occured on her nozzle.


SA and pemphigus biopsies were taken in autumn 2011 and these came out negative. Hilma had antibiotics and mild cortisone treatment and she was fine again.

On summer 2012 Hilma had some problems with her coat, bold spot on her head. She also went to blood donation on that spring and shaved spot on her neck didn’t start to develop new hair. I started giving her Megaderm oil product and all was again fine until this winter (2013).


Hilma started loosing her coat on February and biopsies were again taken in case of SA. Results came and Hilma was diseased with SA.


Hilma has 22nd of March 2013 started cyclosporine (Atopica 100 mg x 2/day) and isotretinoin (Isotretinoin Actavis 20 mg x 2/day) . I also wash her with keratolytic shampoo and oil her with baby oil. She has fish oils in her diet and vitamins as well. Her current antibiotic is ending and cortisone is quitted in stages. I’ll tell you more on our daily routines in future posts.

Here are our starting pictures with her condition, taken 23th of March 2013.



Hop in to our journey to unknown destination and please share your thoughts and experiences. I’ll start by linking three articles, these maybe the representation of my knowledge of SA by now. I’ll try to share more information, if I find some good articles on Sebaceous Adenitis.

Article 1 (Sebaceous Adenitis in Dogs)
Article 2 (Sebaceous Adenitis)
Article 3 (Supplements Review)

Anna Soininen

Anna Soininen

American akita owner from Finland struggling to get along with SA diseased dog.

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