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March 2013

It is now 7 months after his first bath and approx 2 years since first symptoms and although his coat is nowhere near completely restored (don’t think it ever will be) he now has a slight undercoat and is looking wonderful.

I now give Rocco oil baths every 4 weeks although at the moment I may move this to every 3 weeks as the brown flaking dandruff subsistence seems to be growing back quicker at the moment, I also find it builds up around his nipples and down the front of his legs quicker. I go through his full coat with a comb and rub the oil into the roots, this process takes approx 3 hours to administer the oil, wash it off with medicated shampoo (two times) and then dry him.


I am still not sure as to the extent of Rocco’s allergies however I find he sneezes and scratches his eyes a lot and so we are currently looking into doing something that will ease this irritation. You will see from the above images that he has considerable staining on his face due to watering eyes, I clean this area twice a day as I find the skin underneath becomes very crusty and flaky. I also find he has a built up of wax in his ears however in some areas resembles the brown flaky dandruff like it is blocking the pours in his ears as well – also in the process of trying to treat this.

We seem to be keeping the SA at bay for the time being.

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