New visible SA-signs…

2013, Feb, 17 | MANUEL - SA & more | 0 comments

New SA-spots

This time I noticed something was going on in the neck.

So I have found a new SA-spot, or several tiny ones in the neck. The skin there is dry, flaky and thicker than normal. As there is no inflammation visible I use oil on it.



I wonder if it is:

  • Manuel’s totally 2nd SA-attack
  • One of many  SA-attacks, but this one show as he is on a lower dose of medicine since two weeks now.

Who knows…

The medicine/Atopica

Two weeks ago we went from medicine every day, to every 2nd day. It works fine, though it is harder to remember. I do not think we can evaluate the result of the dosage yet. The medicine caused a lot of trouble at the start for Manuel such as stomach-pain, bad stomach, nausea, sensation of being very warm etcetera, but that all disappeared after some weeks.

Now when he gets it every 2nd day I can sometimes see a reaction again:

  • Sometimes he is very warm (not every time)
  • Sometimes he feels nauseous (salivating so he is wet under his chin)
  • And if I fail with the timing of food/medicine it hurts  exactly 4 hours after medication (bowel).

I will phone are vet to discuss this matter.


The mood

He is in a great mood. Joyful and full of energy.

The back

He is very sensitive back when touching him. I was worried and checked for a SA brake-out, vermin or something else. However I found nothing.  When talking to Lotte Lekholm we discussed that it could just be him not used to how it feels when we touch him where he hasn’t got any under-coat.

The tail

His tail was really in a bad shape before. Currently is is OK and the hair is actually growing a bit.

Charlotte Steneloo

Charlotte Steneloo

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