Akita Unleashed launched

2012, Dec, 07 | -New on Akita Unleashed | 0 comments

 let’s release this “baby” and see if she grows in a good way

I would like Akita Unleashed to contribute with facts, thoughts and feelings regarding (un)health-issues.


Thank you Lotte Lekholm for letting me use the picture of American Akita Eia (as a pup) in the web-logo. 😆

Thanks Mikael Edlund for your patience as your partner has bee sitting all evening and nights fully concentrated on setting up this page knowing I had to channel my frustration when I could not fix Manuel, but wanting to do something.

I also want to thank Mikael for trying to help me when I found myself digging to far down into programming issues I could not handle. 😉




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