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So I did exactly what I advice others not to do

I called the veterinarian and asked for “our” veterinarian, Niklas, the Dermatologist.

 When I was told by the receptionist that he didn’t have any free appointments for two weeks –  I wanted to believe this was something a general veterinarian would handle, especially since we had flees at the doggy day-care just a few weeks ago.

So I booked the appointment that was available.

At the veterinarian

I knew the ears were really dry and crusty. However, I feel really really embarrassed since she found that the tail was very dry and flaky too.

  • The hairs that came out had not (yet) that typical look with whole hair follicles but it was dry, dry and came off easily.

I hadn’t noticed – shame on me!

Usually I have control of any/every change connected to Manuel. What can I say? He still had a thick beautiful fur on his tail. His head wasn’t fully coated but that was just normal according to how his coat grows after the summer.

When the vet tried to clean one spot of the tail, the crusts came of – and so did all the hair. It was only glued to the tail by dried skin-flakes and plasma. Then she scraped for mite – I thought, but it so happened she did not want to scrape that much since the skin was in a bad state (?!).

So WHAT did I pay for?

Well I guess I paid for getting  a new appointment the next week to the correct vet and for a useless prescription for antibiotics which I never collected.

Niklas, our vet is very experienced within the skin- and Akita-area. He was very much involved, when Kumi  she got her allergy diagnosis. He has a lot of patience both with Akitas and their humans. I always have a lot of questions and thoughts – he has no problem with that.

The areas that now were naked and irritated I “treated” with Daktacort (cortisone ointment with antibacterial agent) and the dry areas with olive oil.


When the vet tried to clean one spot of the tail, the crusts came of – and so did all the hair.

Charlotte Steneloo

Charlotte Steneloo

Akita owner from Sweden working for openness regarding health issues. One of the founders of Akita-Unleashed. I consider "experience" to be good, that is - if you have opened your mind for change and actually have learnt something, otherwise claiming you are "experienced" means nothing to me... I dare you.

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